UE Certifications:

EN50081-1: 1992   

                                          EN50082-1: 1997

                                          EN55014-2: 1997 + EMENDAMENT       A1: 2001
                                          EN55014-1: 2000 + EMENDAMENTs   A1: 2000   A2: 2002


FILCOM device, allow users to do the sand and disc filter washes, in automatic mode, manual or through the utilization of a pressure meter.

Filcom can also manage the activaton of many kind of solenoids: AC, DC, pulse.

It's possible to do filter washes with a time gap between 10 minutes and 24 hours.

Technical Characteristics:

Power current:             230VAC 50/60 Hz or 9 VDC

Powerfulness:             24 VA

Protecion grade:         IP56

Fuse:                 2A

AC Solenoid V output:         24VAC

Max AC Current Output:        0.8 A

DC Solenoid V output:         32 VDC

Max DC Current Output:         0,8 A

Pulse Solen. tension output:    32 VDC

Pulse Solen. Current Output:    5A max

Pulse Solen. Activation time:    10 - 99 mS

Energy Consumption in DC mode:     85uAH (Stand by and utilization)

Energy consumption in DC mode:     <45mAh    (During programmation)

*Elettrovalves consumption not included.

Tension on EV output is the same of the power source, less 1,5 Volts.


In these pictures can be viewed a typical applicaton of a Filcom 2 stations, for sand filter washes.