Tuesday, 20 May 2008 19:09

IcodPlus + Satellite panel comes in the market to respond to thePannello needing of consumers and installators that needs to get "ready to go" device, that allows to save money, time, and increase safety.


Our devices are used since many years by the most important distributors and installer in Italy, and grant a big save of water and versatility.

The panel comes cabled and provided of many accessories, all you have to do is to make the connection directly on the  block terminal, and the system will be completely functional.





 In the upper image, are shown the "blocks" of the device, on three levels.


1- Satellite

2- Sat Modem and Icod Plus

3- Electric box with Block Terminal

 Satellite, ICOD Plus and Sat-Modem are mounted on a single panel, removable unlocking the proper locks.The block terminal, instead, is behind the second panel, that covers the electric box. In order to see the box terminal, and make the connections, you have to unlock the locks and remove the panel.

The device is pre-assembled, so you don't need to open the first panel. The installators just need to remove the second panel and make the connections on the block terminal.