Amico is a protecting device against tension jolt. It goes to place to protection of eventual thirds devices, for example irrigation programmers. Amico is very advised for use with our products.

This product is available in 3 versions:

PL6 = 6 zones
PL12 = 12 zones
PL18 = 18 zones

- It can provide a complete protection to all IDROBIT programmers, working with 220 VAC.

- Reduction of dangerous tension peak like the ones inducted by the switching of inductive loads, pumps, etc. because is provided of a line filter that do that.

- Protection from atmospheric discharge that when reach the ground can go to programmer circuit, causing serious damages. This is limitated by the presence of Varistors that provides to unload electric current to the ground.

- In case of  accidental circuitbreak, a fuse provides to avoid circuit damages.

The ground lead must be done with an copper prop of 18 mm^2 and 1,50 long, thread in the ground at about 2.00 mt depth and connected with the circuit and programmer by a copper plait of 6mm^2. The misuration of the ground resistance, must be done with an appropriate tool. Take this values in mind:

- 5 Ohm = Very Good  
- 6 to 10 Ohm = Good
- 11 to 15 Ohm = Sufficient
- > 16 Ohm = Dangerous